Information for Guests

Environmental Management Information for Guests

At Sir Rogers Caravan and Camping Park we care for the environment. Please help us by reading our policy and following the suggestions.

What we do….

Recycling and waste segregation

We recycle all our glass, tins, paper cardboard and plastic bottles. We have provided separate bins for the segregation of your recyclable waste, please separate your rubbish and ensure it is placed in the correct bin which we have clearly marked.

Energy Conservation

We have fitted automatic light sensors in both the Ladies and Gents washrooms and replaced all our light bulbs with low energy ones in order to reduce energy consumption. All hot water taps are push button in order to minimize any wastage. Please try to save energy whenever possible. Switch off unnecessary lights.

Water Conservation

We have push button taps in all showers. Shower heads have been fitted with flow limiters to help reduce water consumption. Please avoid unnecessary wastage of water and ensure water taps are turned off after use.


We have provided in the toilets for the disposal of solid waste items such as sanitary towels. Please avoid disposing of such items in the toilet.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any indoor buildings. This is to provide clean indoor environments and to comply with Irish legislation.


There is no public transport servicing the park. There is public transport available from the main Tralee/Ballyheigue Road. Information on public transport and time-tables are available in the reception.

Sir Rogers Caravan and Camping Park is surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty and by following these simple suggestions we can help keep it that way. We are not perfect but are trying hard to reduce our impact on the environment. We welcome your feedback in ways we could improve and would appreciate you help.

General Information


Tralee Gardai Station: 066-7122022
Ardfert Medical Centre: 066-7134366
South Doc: 1850-335999
Tralee General Hospital: 066-7126222
Emergency: 999 or 112


Ardfert Mass: Sat: 8:00p.m. Sun: 11:00a.m.
Kilmoyley Mass: Sat: 7:00p.m. Sun: 10:00a.m.
Church of Ireland Service: Sun: 10:45a.m.
(St Johns Ashe Street Tralee)


  1. Facilities are Strictly for Park Residents only.
  2. Entrance to Caravan Park by Gateway only.
  3. All Pitches to be Vacated/Re-booked by 12 noon.
  4. Please do not Disturb other Guests either with your Car or any other Noises during Darkened Hours.
  5. Small children must be supervised at all times.
  6. All dogs must be booked into the Park; dogs must be on a lead at all times and foul collected.
  7. All property must lay within your designated pitch (parking included). Larger Premier sites available for an extra cost of €5.
  8. Management reserves the right of Admission to the park and the abuse of Facilities will lead to expulsion.
  9. Situate Caravans/Tents on the left hand side of the pitch.
  10. Management is not responsible to theft or damage of property.
  11. Management decision is final in all aspects of the Park.
  12. All Rubbish to be disposed of in designated bins.
  13. To use the fob, hold it over number 5 for up to three seconds in order to lift barrier.

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